Nora Farah has been one of Europe's innovative creators for more than 25 years. She has designed creations, collections and projects for royalty, celebrities and entreprises. With her multicultural background and her experience as a designer, she has now finished her circle. She has spent the last years developing her skills and in 2017 she will have her very first exhibition in Paris, where she started her career as a young fashion designer in the 1980s. She combines shapes and elements and uses fabrics, lace, materials and colours in balancing structure. Nora Farahs goal is to share experiences that both challenges and pleases, while showing you new ways to go. Her ateliers are located both in Gers (France), and in Oslo (Norway) where she also still designs unique creations for selected customers.

Nora Farah

Designer, artist and creator

Tel: +47 911 92 085


Nora Farah as, Drammensveien 49 b 0271 Oslo, Norway

The art of life is the true art

Zen and creativity

The woman is the core of all life and the conceptual force in all I do.

Inner happiness

I think happiness is personal, make it grow from your heart.

Life is a story

I start with vision and that becomes a story shown strong and visually.

The theme of the female

"The natural woman" Nora Farah, Paris 2017

Not artificial

Art is like a mirrorview of life, genuine and honest. It is within us all and we can all be artists. Find the desire to convey and then make it unique.

Feminine qualities

The woman's position in human life is unimpeachable. It is all about emphasizing her distinctive qualities and role as a symbol of our life's development.

Natural beauty

The real life is the inner beauty facing the natural and the near. It's about being ourselves, doing what we believe, and stand for it to the end.